Fylde Airport Cars


  1. Please double check your flight times before booking.
  2. Please have all Address details to hand including post codes. And phone numbers including a mobile for your return journey.
  3. Please confirm the number of passengers traveling
  4. You will need collecting for European travel 3.5 hours before your take off time and 4.5 hours for America and other long haul destinations
  5. Please contact us by phone if you missed you flight at least two hours before your scheduled landing time. If we have travelled to the Airport full fare will be charged.
  6. We cannot be held responsible for events beyond our control. Which cause you to miss your flight. ACCIDENTS, BREAKDOWN INCLUDING A PUNCTURE. CLOSED ROADS. BAD WEATHER. 
  7. In the event we do not arrive on time at the Airport Please contact your driver. Check your phone messages. For a contact number. Or contact the office. If you fail to contact us before making other travel arrangement’s no refunds will be paid or money paid out for your travel costs.
  8. If you have excess luggage including Golf clubs, prams etc. That do not fit in the car because you have not booked the correct size vehicle we may not be able to take you. Full fare will be charged. And it will be your responsibility to arrange travel at short notice.
  9. If your flight is an overnight one please make sure you book your pick up on the landing day not your take off. We cannot always spot mistakes if the flight lands on every morning.
  10. We pay the first 30 minutes car parking only. If you are delayed in passports or baggage. You may be charged excess parking